It can be tough to start a new business venture. As much as you expect to take the world by storm with your venture, it doesn’t turn out that way. Building involves things like hiring staff, IT solutions, and the most feared bookkeeping and tax.

Fortunately, Xero can help you effortlessly and effectively take care of bookkeeping and tax for your business. Here is why it is the best accounting system for new ventures:

  • Xero makes record keeping easy and enjoyable.
  • It provides a workable business platform that can be easily customized.
  • It offers startups a business booster program that helps you build your business.

With Xero fast gaining popularity worldwide, it’s now competing with bigwigs in the industry like QuickBooks. Xero has a wide variety of features, an appealing interface, mobile-friendly, and budget-friendly, making it gain more subscribers.

Like in any accounting software, new users must get some Xero training courses to help them use the service by understanding processes and capabilities. With the new technology, you can easily access Xero bookkeeping training courses online from the various options available.

Xero Bookkeeping Training Courses and Resources

As aforementioned, there are plenty of options for you if you’re looking for Xero Bookkeeping training. You can find free or paid training online, read how-to guides, watch video tutorials, or physically meet with an expert to teach you. Of course, the easiest and cheapest method is to learn it online.

Here are some of the best online resources for Xero training:

1. Xero U

Going straight to the bookkeeping source for training is the best way to learn how to use the Xero system. Xero provides free online training at Xero U, their education portal. By joining this, you can access live online training courses and webinars as well as additional resources. The courses here cover basics like getting started, managing security, and completing invoices. Advanced topics training includes payroll, inventory management, and sales tax automation. A look into the latter topics will help you understand how the software can be used for your specific business.

Videos in the Xero U are thorough, updated, and easy to move around, giving you a smooth learning experience. Xero U breaks down its training according to the user; for instance, one track caters to business owners while the other cares for bookkeepers and accountants. The tracks are further broken down into categories to logically help you follow progressions and choose a course based on your needs. For bookkeepers and accountants, training can be found on “getting set up,” “explore Xero,” “get certified,” “going further,” and “day-to-day.” If you want Xero Certification”, then you will find it at the “get certified category.” Anyone can participate in specific courses to get certified. For business owners, you will get training in the same categories as above, except that the “get certified” section is replaced with “Apps.” The “Apps” category gives you an insight on how to navigate other software using Xero

2. Xero TV

Similar to Xero U, Xero TV provides you with proper training and resources directly from Xero. The materials here are also free. Xero TV has shorter high- quality videos, unlike in Xero U, which is more formal. These videos also have different subcategories like “how- to” and “app marketplace,” among others. The videos here can open into startup series, advisor series, and influencer series. You can also get customer stories, Xero accounting reviews, and any information like updates on the Xero software.

3. Xero Central

The Xero Central is a forum also by Xero itself. It is also a useful resource for Xero Bookkeeping training. It offers logical guides to help you familiarize yourself with the platform and effectively use it. The guides cover several topics like payroll, fixed assets, balance sheets, and tax adjustment. If you prefer reading to listening or watching, then this is the best platform for you. It also has a discussion forum for asking and answering questions.

4. Social Media

With the right places to look, social media can help you learn Xero bookkeeping. You can get free training resources on both YouTube and Facebook. On Facebook, you can look out for accounting professionals and business owners groups where you can get help and training information. There are different groups for different people who want Xero bookkeeping training. When using Facebook for this training, ensure you stick to “official” groups since Xero or its partners monitor them.

YouTube gives you more video resources and other training materials. You can find them on the Xero YouTube channel and other relevant channels. You can use personal judgment to decide the best videos for you to watch on the same.