Xero Fix It

Love Xero but frustrated by Xero Support? 

Our Fix-It Service was designed to give you personalised help with your Xero issues.   The Service is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with your issues
  2. We go into your Xero file and fix whatever is causing you grief.**
  3. We video us fixing your issue and send you a link to a recording of how we fix it so that you know what to do if it happens again or you have the same issue to fix several times (like  transaction double ups).

This service is not a Fix Everything for Me service but a how to on individual fixes.

The best thing is that not only do give you a link to the video but the video is then De-sensitise (which means we blur out anything personal) and then its added to a library of Fixes which all of our Members have the ability to view. This way if you have another issue in the future, you can check the library first to see if we have the answer. The use of this library is unlimited.

We guarantee 24 hour turnaround on business days and try our utmost to meet those deadlines during the weekend as well.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee you don’t like our fix, we’ll refund your monthly fee.

** Naturally you will need to give us access to your Xero File, which we will organise with you once you subscribe

Fix It Services

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