You get more time – You can spend your time doing the things that matter to you, whether that be running your business or spending more time with your family. Paying a bookkeeper to look after the numbers while you work in your business actually makes you money! As long as what you are charging is higher than the cost of the bookkeeper, you are ahead. While you may find the bookwork easy to do, it actually takes you away from what you do best – run your business. A good bookkeeper will reduce your workload and give you back the only resource you cannot buy – time.
You can save money – Bookkeepers are part time and many are offsite. This means that not only do you need to purchase costly software but you also save on office space and computers.
You can better manage your cash flow – regular reporting can help you to manage your cash flow, reduce expenses (including taxes) and manage your business better. A Bookkeeper will be able to show you where your cash is going and assist you to make decisions based on accurate numbers. Knowing what is due and when (including taxes) will allow you to manage your cash flow and not sweat over payments.
You get peace of Mind – knowing you have a qualified, ATO registered BAS agent allows you relax, knowing that not only do they understand the program they are using but also the taxation and GST ramifications of any entries they process. They are required by law to update their skills each year. You know that your reporting is accurate and this reduces the risk of the ATO coming calling.
You will have a better relationship with your suppliers – having a bookkeeper review your systems and keep your accounts up to date means you should never pay a bill late again. This will keep you on the right side of your suppliers. Not only that but it could save you $$ in late fees.
You can get paid quicker – by having a bookkeeper clean up your system, you will be able to invoice more quickly and effectively. Whether the bookkeeper invoices for you, sets up a system or automates reminders, getting the bills out and paid on time will improve your cash flow.
Fix-It on demand – we offer a fix it service to “Fix” your file when needed, simply contact us to let us know your issue, we login to your file, fix it and then give you a video of what we did to fix it so you will know for next time.

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