Are you thinking about signing up for a Xero course? Xero is an innovative and crucial software for those who are looking to manage their bookkeeping and accounts. Due to the cost involved, you may be wondering whether training is necessary. Is it possible to navigate this software without any additional support and still gain the greatest benefits? To understand this question, we need to explore what people tend to get wrong about these courses and why you shouldn’t make the same mistakes.

Xero Training Isn’t Budget Friendly

You might be concerned that Xero training is not going to match your budget. However, you could be surprised. Xero training can start as low as $30 and reach as much as $300. This will largely depend on whether you want an online course or if you are more interested in a face to face meeting with your course provider. It may also be determined by your current understanding of the software and what you want to learn.

Regardless of what you choose to spend on your Xero course, there is a strong possibility it will save you money. This is due to the fact that it will help you avoid expensive mistakes. For instance, without the right training, you might not accurately mark how much you owe in VAT. This can lead to a disaster for your business. It can be avoided with the right training.

It Won’t Change The Time Saved

You might think that the amount of time you save on Xero is going to be the same regardless of whether you gain a substantial amount of training or not. However, this is not the case. There is a right and a wrong way to use this software. If used incorrectly, then it will be difficult to remain efficient. As such, despite investing in the software, you will still be costing your business a lot of time and money. However, if you invest in training, you will be shown how to use the software to maximise your efficiency and guarantee that you are getting the results you want. You will be instructed on the shortcuts and the tricks that make Xero a more valuable tool for you.

It’s The Same As DIY Guides

One of the key alternatives that you might be considering as opposed to investing in a Xero course could be using a DIY guide. With a DIY guide, you might be able to find a high level of information, but there’s no actual guarantee that this has the right details and information you need. It’s very difficult to know with certainty that an online guide has been written by an expert. Even if you think you are using a reputable source, the content could have been outsourced and may have been written by a freelancer. As well as this, when you use a guide, you won’t be able to ask follow up questions that you could need the answer to. This could leave you with crucial blank spaces in your knowledge of how to use the tool effectively.

You Won’t Get More From Your Xero Experience

The reality is that you are going to get more if you invest in training or sign up for a Xero course. Xero provides a lot of options for users. You can access the software to send quotes to customers, for payroll or you might even link it to other software and try using it for credit control. Without training, you’re probably just going to focus on the bookkeeping process. This is substantial, but it won’t be offering all the benefits that could be on the table and that you should certainly explore. With training, you’ll at least have the knowledge of what Xero can do, even if you aren’t ready to utilise all the tools just yet.

It Doesn’t Help You Use What You Have Learned

Finally, you might think that a Xero course won’t help you in the real world or practical setting. However, this is not the case. Instead, you will find that by taking this course, you will gain access to tutorials that provide support on how to use Xero in a real business environment or a particular situation that could be relevant for your business. You can work through exercises using the system and learn how to solve problems. At the same time, you will be able to ask the right questions to ensure that you know exactly what you need to use Xero for business improvement.

We hope this helps you understand some of the misconceptions surrounding Xero courses.